Saturday, 12 July 2014


Now this is a gig I would love to have been at. HL's very first, the poster was by M.Ware:

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Synth Fest

Wrangler are playing at this Swiss electronic festival on 12th Sep. Whats it all about? Watch the trailer...


In 1958 Gy├Ârgy Ligeti produced his electronic work Artikulation at the WDR studio in Cologne. Then in 1970 Rainer Wehinger created a 'score for listening' - a visual representation of the sounds - in book form. Here someone has put it into a timeline so you can hear and see the craziness all at the same time:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Poly Esther

I'm not sure if she used real wool or polyester, but my niece Esther made me this polymoog-knit thing for a house warming present. Supercool!

Word of the Week #61


Hannah Peel in the studio doing her thing. That reminds me, I need to fix the hoover


Forbidden House

I was watching Forbidden Planet again the other day on bluray. The design on that film is amazing, it is so beautiful! Morbius has a house which looks like it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1950 (obvs.) and its on the planet Altair IV. Its a bit like how I feel sometimes. Here is a walkthrough that someone made, along with some electronic tonalities by L&BB:


LOOK! Theres an in-depth interview with us in this months Music Tech magazine:

UPDATE: Find it here